A Feature-Rich WordPress Sports Theme – Splash Theme Review

Splash has four polished demos for basketball, baseball, football, and soccer teams. But the theme is really built with any sports or athletics organization in mind, making it also ideal for hockey, cricket, rugby, volleyball, racing leagues, track & field, and more. Splash is a great choice for sports teams, leagues, and clubs at all levels. Due to its versatility, it can be used for any number of sports around the globe.

WordPress Theme for Cryptocurrency, Crypto Trading & ICO Cunsulting

Crypto Consulting Companies, ICO Agencies, Bitcoin Traders, Blockchain Developers and many other professionals can utilize tailor-made special features that perfectly fits for any type of digital consulting project.

Factory WordPress Template – New Demo in the Pearl Bundle

Today we are happy to release the Pearl Factory WordPress Template  – a tailor-made and stylish template for factories, manufacturing companies in and hi-tech industries. Pearl Factory is an amazing niche template, that ready to serve your industry business needs right after a one-click demo installation. Do you run a modern hi-tech factory? New Pearl […]

How to Make Money on WordPress Themes?

WordPress is open source, classy and simple, that makes this content management system (CMS) the most popular in the world. As the result 27% of all web-sites in the Internet are running on WordPress. Thanks to solid WordPress community, anyone can download and install a theme, charge it with plugins and start blogging. As soon […]

Private-practice Lawyer theme for WordPress

The Pearl is a comprehensive bundle of niche themes for virtually any type of business. Now, meet a Lawyer WordPress template for the Pearl. It has everything for a modern Lawyer’s website today. Lawyer WordPress Template First of all, the Lawyer is a brand new Pearl layout for Private Practice Lawyer, Legal Adviser, Advocate and […]

How to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hacking

The digital world can be a very dangerous place. This is true for everyone who is online, including those who run their own websites. There are many hackers looking for sites, even relatively small sites and blogs, that they can take advantage of and often steal information from. One of the reasons that WordPress is […]

How to Get a WordPress Website With Envato Hosting for $16

When people are thinking about starting a website with WordPress, one of the most popular website and blog platforms of all time, they often spend a lot of time considering which theme will work for them and how they are going to set up their site. All these elements are important, but you also need […]

3 Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers Reviews 2017

You are getting ready to build and launch your own website using WordPress. Everything is coming together quite well, but you still have not found a host for your site. You want to have a quality host that is reliable, but you also want to save as much money as possible. Fortunately, your search is […]

3 Best Classified WordPress Themes

Are you in need of building an online classified directory that allows people to sell items on line, or a directory of local businesses, galleries, or events and attractions? If so, then a standard website and theme will simply not cut it. You need to make sure that you have a quality classified WordPress theme […]

Comparison of Visual Composer and Elementor Page Builders – Pros and Cons

You need to have a quality website, but you also want to have something that is nice and easy to build, and that gives you plenty of options. Fortunately, there are some options that can work quite well. A page builder tends to be a fast way to get a website up and running, and […]