3 Best Transport WordPress Themes

Do you have a company that transports goods or that is in the logistics industry? If so, then you know that not just any website design will do. You need to have a WordPress theme that considers your business, and that has the types of features you need. A good transport WordPress theme will allow […]

Top 3 Best Places to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

While you might be able to find a few free Premium WordPress themes here and there, you will quickly find that these tend to be limited in what they can offer. They might not have all of the features and options you want, and they likely have little to no support. Free certainly does not […]

5 Best Life Coach WordPress Themes

Are you a life coach? Do you want to reach more people and bring more clients to you? Naturally, you need to have a quality website to help with this, and if you are using WordPress, then you know that themes are a fantastic way to get your site up and running quickly. However, you […]

5 Best Sports WordPress Themes

Now that you’ve made the decision to start a website dedicated to sports, whether it is your favorite team, fantasy sports, or a news site that covers certain sports (or all sports for that matter), you need to get the site in shape. Those who are working with a WordPress site have the advantage of […]

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – Which One is Better

As you start to peruse the options for building your website, you will find many possibilities that could work well for your needs. Of course, those who are new to building sites can find themselves overwhelmed as they start to narrow their choices to determine which one will work best for their needs. In this […]

Wix vs. WordPress – Which One Is Better

You are looking to build your own website, and you want to find something that is easy to use and powerful. Two of the top names that you are considering are Wix and WordPress. Both have a good reputation, but you are not sure which one will be right for you as you start to […]

7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

You know your blog needs to have great content, but it also needs to have an aesthetically pleasing design. That’s why you need to choose the best WordPress themes for blogs that can provide you with both form and function. Below, we will help you narrow your choices by looking at the seven best WordPress […]

How to Add Google Calendar in WordPress

Are you considering adding a Google Calendar in WordPress? It is a very useful app that will allow you to easily manage your schedule, share events, and get organized. This short and to the point guide will help you get the calendar installed and up and running. Step 1. Check the Requirements The first thing […]

The 3 Best Paid Multilingual (Translation) Plugins for WordPress

If you have a website that needs to be read in different languages, rather than going through the hassle of hiring a translator and having additional sites built, or additional pages added to your site, you can utilize a WordPress multilingual plugin instead. Some of these plugins can allow you to write the content in […]

5 Best Premium WordPress Themes 2017

Whether you are creating a new WordPress site, or you are looking to give your current site a facelift, having the best premium WordPress themes is the way to go. There are many wonderful themes that could work well for your site, and we will be discussing the five best that we’ve found so you […]